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An Automated Platform for Streamlining B2B Payments

Discover made its name by doing things a little differently than other major credit cards. The first card to offer cash back and the only major card to back purchases by its own bank, Discover turned to Kunai for a game-changing approach to one of fintech's toughest nuts to crack: B2B payments.

Kunai devised a platform to be deployed to Discover's Italian franchises, streamlining slow, manual processes into an automated flow that would reduce friction. Traditionally, merchants had to be onboarded individually, and each payment was submitted, processed and approved by a bank representative. After just 8 weeks of workshops, sprints and builds, Kunai designed a B2B payment solution that enabled comprehensive onboarding, automated payment processing, and dynamic pricing.

Our platform was launched in local markets and is helping to expand Discover's reach by simplifying how franchises perform key processing and approval tasks.

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