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BankShift reduces your financial stress by enabling access to manage your traditional financial accounts and Coinbase wallet in one place, no new bank account required.


The client was reimagining how consumers banked on their mobile devices while they were forced to a digital-only world. As banking relationships have increased for consumers, It has created fragmented experiences between their different financial accounts.
The client tasked Kunai to design, validate architecture, and co-develop a unified banking app that became the foundation for bank and crypto wallet unification with the ability to move money in the U.S.


Kunai helped design BankShift’s seamless onboarding experience coupled with the ability to link, view, and transact all of the customers existing financial accounts on one screen.

BankShift gets to know each consumer through deep security protocols, government Identification and biometrics.  This safely enables money movement among real people.

Customers can send and receive money to others who are using the app, including to a Coinbase Wallet. Kunai simplified the user experience enabling the transfer of money between financial institutions, including Coinbase.

BankShift was built to maintain a best-in-class experience for the customer while providing security, privacy and flexibility necessary for growth.

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