Building a digital experience to reflect best in class service

AAA had built a solid product, but it's digital underpinnings were disjointed, leading to an inconsistent customer experience. They asked Kunai to solve what turned out to be a complex problem.

The House Manager product at AAA allowed for households to get reduced rates for home maintenance through a subscription. The idea was to stitch together supply and demand in a city and use the website as a centralized place to login, request the services you need, and schedule the appointment.

Kunai came in and started from the ground up to integrate AAA's legacy systems with the latest tech APIs so they could access all the tools they needed. We integrated over 15 stand-alone software components, connecting billing, marketing, subscriptions, and even customer servicing into a best in class user experience.

Kunai designed and delivered a web + mobile platform that integrated data across user sign-up, appointment management, and an admin portal. AAA now had a best-in-class digital product to reflect it's best-in-class services to its customers.

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