A race to MVP in an emergent market

In 2015, the launch of the Apple Watch forever changed the wearables market. In 2016, Hewlett Packard partnered with Kunai to help bring its own vision for wearable and the IoT to life.

With a 70-year history of building cutting edge devices, HP saw an opportunity to bring something new to the emerging market. Its software was already powering the high-quality time pieces built by its hardware partner, Movado. Kunai was asked to build the integration layer that connected the watch to its companion mobile app. Through a well designed application interface, we enabled HP and Movado to keep pace in a quickly changing market.

Collaborating with several HP teams, we prototyped and built out a market-ready interface that offered smart features to Movado watch owners. Managing notifications and settings like timezones could now be done easily from a mobile phone without compromising the look of the watch. Today, Kunai's continued efforts help HP and Movado evolve beyond our initial MVP toward a connected yet classically beautiful timepiece embedded with all the technology of the world's leading smartwatches.

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