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Zazzle is the unicorn start-up you probably never heard of. An online marketplace for custom items such as t-shirts, water bottles, and stationary, they've grown swiftly since their launch in 2005. Zazzle allows customers to design their own products and has partnered with major brands to amass a trove of digital images. Zazzle was looking to differentiate their customer experience and reached out to Kunai to make it a reality.

To date, their online customer experience had been sequential: a customer designs a product, hands it off to a Zazzle designer who then hands back edits for approval before the product goes to production. To make the experience more memorable and collaborative, Zazzle asked Kunai to develop a flow where the customer could work alongside the designer throughout the process. In addition, the Zazzle team wanted to enable real time payments for the designers to incentivize and grow the community. The result: Zazzle LIVE, which launched on both iOS and Android and used the full capacity of  mobile devices—from cameras, chat, image sharing, and embedded payments—to put the experience on center stage.

What was an anachronistic process quickly rocketed to a futuristic one. Customers could save time, make informed decisions, and see designers work their magic live. Zazzle is continuing its rapid growth and, with a differentiated product offering and gig payment structure on top of its strong marketplace, it is delivering a customer and community experience like no one else.

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