Real-Time Payments


Scaling the Modern Financial Stack for Small Businesses

Mastercard was created in 1966 so businesses could bypass messy payment processing and bank reconciliation, and just focus on what they did best. Our work on Real-Time Payments helped bring that original vision into the modern era.

While larger companies can afford to invest in powerful financial stacks, small businesses end up sinking valuable time into manually processing and accounting for outdated payment methods like checks when they could be using that time to focus on their core business.

To remedy this, Mastercard partnered with Kunai to reimagine a tool that streamlines how small businesses send and reconcile invoices and generate payments. We prototyped and built an e2e financial stack in Excel that leveraged partner APIs and Kunai's strong fintech partnerships with brands like Plaid, Stripe and Twilio. By stitching together services from these leading fintech players, we enabled Mastercard to provided businesses of any size a one-stop shop for processing payments online.

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