Mileage Tracking


Automating Expenses in the Gig Economy

Intuit was founded in 1983 when founder, Scott Cook, realized that personal computers would transform paper and pencil based accounting. Thirty-seven years later, Intuit's personal financial products net nearly $7B in revenue each year. Their growth owes much to their orientation towards design, constantly iterating products to meet their customers' needs. To better support the fast-growing gig economy and a resulting surge in 1099 tax filings, Intuit tasked Kunai with adding the tech needed to support a new class of workers.

With driving at the center of many of these workers' gigs, Kunai reimagined mileage tracking by integrating mobile GPS into Intuit's app tracking, transforming a manual process into one where travel expenses were added auto-magically. By implementing auto-logging and machine learning classification, we were able to pre-populate much of the tax documentation and simplify gig worker's compensation structures.

Together, we were able to identify and solve user friction quickly and successfully. On a larger scale, this one key piece of tech is fostering a mutual sense of loyalty between Intuit product makers and a growing segment of America's workforce.

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