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Envisioning Growth with a Global Product Map

JPMorgan Chase's history goes back to the days of duels among our founding fathers. In over 200 years of banking, they've developed countless banking products for their clients. Today, as the largest bank in the US and sixth largest in the world, their continued growth depends on getting all those products to work together in service of clients all over the world.

Kunai worked with the JPMC team to map a global product suite, helping to unlock growth potential all over the globe. Representatives went from flipping through a bloated hundred-page presentation to pinpointing relevant products for prospective clients using a dynamic web-based tool. With a visual representation of products available in their region and how they're connected, prospective clients can build a picture of a banking platform structured specifically for their needs.

Our intimate understanding of JPMC's product suite as well as the likely friction points in a user's journey enabled us design a comprehensive portal that seamlessly maps their global opportunities. With the help of our tool, JPMC is paving the way for complex multi-national organizations to visualize their global footprint and offer customers and employees a clearer path to working together.

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