Regulatory compliance gets the Vault

Bloomberg is the OG Fintech. Its name is synonymous with data and insights in the financial sphere, and it has revolutionized the way the finance firms work since its launch in 1981. So when the EU's MiFID II compliance directive threatened to shake up the status quo, Bloomberg's clients looked to them to help make the transition. And Bloomberg, in turn, looked to Kunai.

MiFID II, simply put, requires record keeping for market transactions. Given the explosion in communication channels, this an increasingly daunting task. Bloomberg's clients communicate via Bloomberg Vault, a managed service platform that enables firms to archive emails, chats, phone calls, and Bloomberg trade data. It's an essential tool for businesses to remain regulatory compliant across different directives—and key to the MiFID II transition.

Kunai worked with the Bloomberg team to build out the website front end's "Compliance Console," enabling firms to understand their compliance risks at a glance. The platform delivers cross-system analytics through an intuitive UI, allowing clients to reconstruct trade and communication timelines with quick and powerful searches. With region-specific regulation on the rise, Kunai is proud to help evolve the Vault and enable Bloomberg and its clients to continue doing business in a global marketplace.

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