A loyalty program to rule them all

Merchants have strong individual loyalty programs, but they are often isolated and decentralized leading to poor customer experience. Visa asked Kunai to create a payment experience that would transform loyalty programs into an open and centralized product.

We started with the card that everyone has in their wallet, their credit card. With that we created an integration layer and application that identified users through their Visa cards and allowed them to link their loyalty card to their credit card. We worked with a Poynt POS terminal with dual screens to allow for a simultaneous merchant and customer experience. When a customer paid the merchant could see in real-time if their Visa card was linked to their loyalty program. If not, the merchant could have the customer opt in or link with their credit card right then and there.

By reducing friction inherent in loyalty programs by using a physical platform that exists (Visa card), this was an elegant solution to a thorny ongoing problem. Merchants can now increase their engagement and satisfaction with their customers and Visa can strengthen their value to their cardmembers.

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