Core Banking

Delight Your Customers With Innovative Core Offerings and Renewed Expectations

Kunai Builds Innovative Banking Experiences For You and Your Customers

Customers desire seamless banking experiences for even the most fundamental services. Many of the largest financial institutions are shifting towards personalized and convenient experiences for customers.

Having worked on a vast array of unique solutions and third-party platforms for some of the biggest banking institutions in the world, we have identified best practices and implementations for core banking across all touchpoints and platforms.

Kunai helps clients elevate the customer journey with time saving measures, convenient services, and reliable uptime.

List of Offerings


Loan Tracking and Repayment

Customized tracking platforms allow for more robust acquisition of customer data, increasing the likelihood of successful loan repayment. Kunai works with your existing systems to provide customers with personalized payment plans, messaging strategies, and trackability to improve customer satisfaction and increase the likelihood of successful loan repayment.


ACH Payments

Balancing an ACH system that is both compliant and customer friendly demands speed, efficiency, and usability. Kunai has helped clients build NACHA and EFTA compliant systems with flexible scalability, data integrity, and robust integration features. Our systems are user-friendly, easy to navigate and offer an exemplary customer experience.


Account Deposits and Withdrawals

The most fundamental banking service is that of depositing and withdrawing funds from an account. To maintain and grow your customer base, it is absolutely essential that this service be reliable, easy-to-access, and fast. Kunai can build you BSA compliant solutions across various platforms with built-in automated processing and account validation procedures.


Cryptocurrency Investments

Crypto investments enable banks to grow their customer-base with minimal effort. Kunai boasts extensive experience integrating crypto features into existing systems, or creating new features from the ground up. Our highly mobile, expert team is uniquely equipped to navigate and adapt to shifting compliance requirements in this emerging field.


Real-time Operations Management

Real-time operation visualization enables banks to make optimized decisions at any time. These decisions influence all core banking features. Kunai builds centralized dashboards for bankers to view vital operations as they happen, allowing them to resolve errors, leverage emerging trends, and personalize interactions whenever, wherever.


Data Security

Compliance and standards for data security are paramount features whose failures ruin reputations and catastrophically lose market share. Kunai builds and integrates features such as two-factor authentication, data monitoring, penetration detection, and more. Our core banking solutions are secure, reliable, and designed to offer uniform experiences across all branches.


Personalized Touchpoints

Relevant personalization drives revenue and grows businesses. Our extensive experience in banking allows us to create and integrate features from new account creation and customer relationship management tools to push notifications, live chat, automated chatbots, and transaction management features. Every touchpoint, personalized to the individual customer.

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