Debt Relief

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Experts estimate that American consumer debt stands at a backbreaking $96 trillion dollars, with the average American holding $96,000 in debt. For many Americans, debt is a crushing burden that threatens their livelihood every time they need to buy food, pay rent, or take a shower.

There is no silver bullet for such a complex issue, but we can start by equipping customers with various measures to help reduce or eliminate debt. Kunai boasts deep expertise in building and deploying personal finance trackers, spending monitors, round up applications, budget management tools, and payment calculators– each of these an important need in this exploding area of the fintech arena.

Partner with Kunai to build an innovative debt relief solution that’ll not only provide your customers with financial stability, but enable you to stake your claim in this lucrative new market.

List of Offerings


Roundup Saving

Roundup savings allows users to make a series of micro payments towards a savings balance or outstanding debt. Kunai builds a secure interface with Plaid integrations to monitor purchases on a user’s connected checking account, rounding up all purchases to the nearest dollar. The funds obtained from this mechanism will then be kept in a new account.


Automated Saving

A core offering that introduces a feature that allows for a set-and-forget setting that schedules recurring transfers from a connected account to a savings account. Kunai’s deep understanding of Plaid’s API enables us to design, build, and customize this feature for our clients with relative ease while keeping everything PCI DSS compliant.


Payment Calculators

Payment calculators allow clients to provide a simple, but powerful, tool that can be used to draw in more users and demystify the inner workings of debt. Kunai helps clients create an algorithm that uses the account holder's debt amount and household income to identify settlement and payment options the user can afford.


Budget Manager

Only 33% of Americans have a written financial plan, leaving 67% of Americans who could really use a budget tracker. We help our clients build and deploy features that track the user’s spending and income to identify where spending is most disproportionate, then course correct through positive reinforcement.


Money Movement

Leverage secure and reliable money management features that offer both seamless deposits and withdrawals. Kunai works with clients to build and integrate money movement mechanisms that comply with all relevant regulations, including but not limited to, PCI DSS and FCRA.


Spending Monitors

Spending monitors integrate into your software and give users the option to connect their bank accounts and have them monitored by your app. The depth of access is customizable for security purposes, and allows you to offer more meaningful, personalized features that can better serve your customers.


API Integrations

Kunai’s expertise in all things financial and banking has equipped us with a deep expertise of some of the top platforms and technologies on the market. Whatever objectives our clients have, we have the most optimal combination of technologies to build their vision. Our expertise includes Plaid, BillGo, Apex, Alpaca, Stripe, and more.

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