Health Compliant Software, Simplified

Our Compliance-First Approach Provides Clients a Stress-Free Healthcare Development Experience

The considerations required to create a HIPAA compliant app can be tough to navigate with the exploding number of integration partners coming to market.

Kunai’s consulting team boasts extensive expertise in healthcare compliance that we use to design, build, and deploy solutions that meet HIPAA requirements. Our teams also work with clients to provide HIPAA training to employees and contractors and conduct risk assessments to identify and address potential vulnerabilities in the handling of PHI.

Our partnerships with HIPAA compliant vendors allows us to accelerate the development process, giving clients a jump start on their 3rd-party vendor identification and contract negotiations.

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Compliance-First Design

Our experts work with you to design and implement a HIPAA-friendly framework by which to build your software and the accompanying ecosystem. We are one of the few firms that design our security stance upfront instead of addressing compliance shortly before launch, future proofing you against compliance changes and failures.


Pre-screened Vendor Contact

Part of our process to guide you through the process of creating software in the healthcare industry is to help you get in contact with HIPAA compliant vendors. Our experience working with multiple vendors in the healthcare industry allows you to significantly cut down on the time investment for vendor sourcing and negotiation.


HIPAA Strategy and Training

We work with your teams to establish administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to protect PHI from unauthorized access, use, and disclosure. By providing HIPAA training to employees and contractors who have access to PHI, you and your teams minimize risk of data breaches and compliance violations.


Cybersecurity and Compliance Consulting

Our experts carefully analyze your systems and operations to conduct risk assessments that aim to identify and address potential vulnerabilities in the handling of PHI. We establish procedures for responding to HIPAA breaches and guide you through the complex HIPAA and SOC2 certification process.


Personal Health Tracking

A feature that allows users to track their symptoms, medications, and health-related data from the comfort of their phones. This presents your customers with a high degree of convenience and safety that has yet to see widespread adoption in the health field, making it easier to develop solutions to break down silos in the health industry.


Medical Billing

Many customers find the process of paying off medical debt to be extremely opaque. We help our clients build and launch payment portals specifically designed to unravel the complexities of medical billing. Such features include, debt consolidation, secure payments, and straightforward financing options.



Giving patients the option to consult with doctors in a way that works with their schedules and health concerns improves patient outcomes and increases accessibility to health providers and specialists. We work with clients to develop a reliable telenetwork system with robust functionality to assist providers and patients alike.

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