Monetize Opportunities Previously Far Outside Of Your Ecosystem

Kunai Helps Organizations Position Themselves As Innovators In Convenient and Secure Transactions

80% of consumers prefer card payments over cash, with the average non-cash transaction being $112 compared to cash’s $22.

Providing a seamless payment experience for customers is essential for any organization that wants to stay competitive. The rise of e-commerce and cross-border trade contributes heavily to the rising penetration of specialized payment service providers and the adoption of global payment standards.

Kunai helps clients build payment solutions that drive customer satisfaction, create new revenue streams, and set a foundation for future growth.

List of Offerings


Card management utility

Being able to link and manage credit cards and debit cards is the most fundamental offering in any digital payment product. This feature grants customers the option to pay how they want, increases their willingness to buy, and boosts your bottom line. This feature may seem simple, but don’t underestimate its ability to get customers into your ecosystem.


Virtual Card Number (VCN)

Many customers prefer to add their credit cards to a virtual wallet. Doing so condenses all of their payment options into one nexus. Virtual wallets start with the VCN, a proxy for your customer’s credit cards so that the credit card numbers are obfuscated. Kunai’s industry leadership in data privacy keeps you in good standing with compliance.


Mobile payments

Modern payment solutions are driven by convenience and accessibility. Mobile payments allow customers to combine all of their physical payment-carry into a single item: their phone. Combined with the accessibility of virtual wallets, mobile payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay allow clients to monetize opportunities previously far outside of their ecosystem.


Digital currencies

Integrating crypto accessibility opens up more than just a new revenue stream. It allows organizations to tap into an overflowing market that few are even beginning to venture into. Opening up an exchange medium for cryptocurrencies helps organizations drive revenue by gaining a competitive edge over competitors who have yet to consider the benefits of digital currencies.


Contactless payments

Allow customers to make payments by holding their device or payment card up to a payment terminal. Near Field Communication (NFC) technology enables users to make purchases by holding their device or payment card near a payment terminal. This feature has seen more use-cases in the past several years due to global hygiene and health concerns.



Paypal is one of the largest quasi-banks in the world and has a massive cash flow catering to more than 203 million users. They function as their own all-in-one payment, banking, and digital card solution, so integrating Paypal gives you access to a customer base of 203 million users. In particular, many international customers only pay by Paypal.


QR code payment

QR codes are a convenient way to take a customer straight to checkout. QR codes eliminate paper waste, automatically documents transaction details, and integrate seamlessly with virtual wallets, mobile payment options, Paypal, and Venmo. This feature reduces friction during in-person transactions and keeps all of the customer’s data in their hands at all times.



BillGo is a specialized payment platform that allows customers to manage all their bills in one place, billers to increase their likelihood of receiving timely payments, and bankers and fintechs to increase customer satisfaction. Kunai’s experience with the BillGo API makes for seamless integration into your custom payment platform.



User convenience is often defined by the number of options at their disposal. Plaid is a true, all-in-one payment platform integration solution. Plaid allows payment products to instantly connect to over 11,000 financial institutions from all over the world. Kunai boasts a deep relationship with Plaid, and our understanding of their API sits at the top of the industry.

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