Rewards & Loyalty

Innovate On What Drives Loyalty To Elevate the Customer Journey

Kunai Helps Organizations Maximize Profitability While Cultivating Loyalty

The fundamental facets of rewards programs haven't changed in more than a decade. The result? No one really stands out from the crowd. Kunai is changing that.

To maximize loyalty and profitability, organizations should look to reward profitable customers with benefits befitting their contribution. Kunai boasts a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the rewards and loyalty space, and has successfully developed and launched multimillion-dollar loyalty solutions for major credit card networks.

Partner with Kunai and tap into our expansive knowledge and experience to develop and manage a program that delivers real value to your cardholders and helps you achieve your business objectives.

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Updating Old Programs

Effective loyalty programs drive large amounts of profit, and ineffective programs are well worth renovating and optimizing. Kunai continues to cultivate and support the multimillion dollar loyalty programs we have built for major credit card networks. We are industry leaders in loyalty and rewards. We make it easy for clients to design, workshop, and launch new offerings, fast.


Building New Programs

Loyalty programs can be highly lucrative and potentially quick to deploy. With our track record of delivering industry-leading rewards and loyalty programs for credit card networks, we have the necessary skillset and experience to build a rewards program customized to your market, customer demographic, and business goals.


Loyalty Programs

Data drives successful loyalty programs. Segmenting your customer base allows you to create tiered rewards that incentivize customers to climb loyalty tiers. Doing so enables organizations to drive profit through even the simplest interactions. Kunai’s custom-built loyalty programs help clients segment their customer base to maximize profit on meaningful loyalty.


Rewards Platforms

The actual design of a rewards platform seeks to carry customers up a value ladder while minimizing friction. Kunai’s expansive knowledge and experience works with you to create effective rewards that drive value for your customers. This value ladder increases customer loyalty, which then massively increases the customer’s lifetime value to your organization.

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