Security & Compliance

Leverage Compliance as a Strategic Asset, Not Just a Cost of Doing Business

Prosperity Through Compliance: Elevating Cybersecurity and Business Goals

Customers have higher expectations for security than ever before. Organizations that take a proactive approach to cybersecurity are poised to reap greater rewards from their investments.

To maximize the profitability of cybersecurity, organizations must go beyond the status quo “checkbox” compliance that plagues so many businesses. Robust security measures pave the way for greater market share, new revenue streams in both horizontal and vertical markets, shorter sales cycles, and less demand on internal teams. With 10+ years of experience across SAAS, healthcare, credit cards, and banking…

We can help you develop robust security, privacy, and risk management programs that leave a meaningful impact on your organization’s long-term success.

List of Offerings


Compliance Strategy Development

Whether you’re looking to expand into a new market, preparing for anticipated compliance changes, or don’t have a compliance strategy in place– we work with you and your team to design a custom blueprint that you can use to shape future decisions within the good graces of the specific compliance standards relevant to your needs.


Security & Compliance Audits

Kunai boasts extensive experience working in some of the most highly regulated industries in the world. We know our way around cybersecurity best practices and compliance standards like the back of our hand. Our team works with you to identify and address weaknesses in your software, internal controls, and development policies.


Sales Cycle Security Inquiries Management

Organizations that invest in compliance and cybersecurity are uniquely positioned to shorten sales cycles by preemptively answering security inquiries. We help clients come up with evergreen compliance and security dossiers that provide enough information to satisfy a prospect’s request, allowing the sale to move forward.


Highly Regulated Markets Penetration

With our experience navigating the strict compliances in markets such as financial and health, we help clients launch competitive products in such markets with as little hiccups as possible. Our engineers can build and integrate robust security features, update legacy systems, and guide the development of new products to be compliant.


Data Security

Compliance and standards for data security are paramount features whose failures ruin reputations and catastrophically lose market share. Kunai builds and integrates features such as two-factor authentication, data monitoring, penetration detection, and more. Our solutions are secure, reliable, and designed to offer uniform experiences across all your branches.


Industry Differentiation

Not all industries demand strict compliance and security standards. This lax standard is what sets different businesses apart. As customers continue to place more emphasis on security, those that position themselves as trusted providers can gain a greater market share. Work with us to develop and deploy robust security features across all your touchpoints.

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