Wealth Management

Building Tools That Multiply Wealth For Clients and Their Customers

Building Wealth Has Evolved– Launch Wealth Management Tools Tailored to a Diverse Range of Investors

Wealth management apps have blown open the doors to accessible investing, automated asset management, and tailored financial planning.

This emerging field has played host to a wide range of evolving apps that provide a range of features and tools to help users invest with confidence, budget their spending, and plan for long-term financial goals such as retirement. We at Kunai boast a unique blend of experience developing various wealth management applications.

We work with you to hone in on the needs and preferences of your target market to design an app that meets their specific needs and helps them achieve their financial goals.

List of Offerings


Portfolio Tracking

Portfolio tracking allows users to monitor the performance of their investments. By tracking their portfolio, investors can see how their investments are performing over time and make informed decisions about their financial strategy. Kunai helps clients bake in data analytics, custom watchlist capabilities, and other on-demand features specific to their needs.


Financial Planning

This service gives users the power to create an informed strategy to manage their financial resources in order to achieve their financial goals. Financial planning features can involve questionnaires to identify a user’s current financial situation and personalized plans informed by professional investors for setting financial goals.


Personalized Portfolio

With the potential to deliver superior returns compared to generic investment strategies, tailored investment strategies that take into account specific financial goals, risk tolerance, investment time horizon, and other factors are highly attractive features that many customers desire. Kunai helps clients build and launch successful AI-recommended portfolios.


Automated Portfolios

Make investing easy. Eliminate the knowledge barrier to entry and deliver successful investment strategies to bring more customers into your ecosystem and help them invest like a pro. Kunai utilizes cutting edge machine learning algorithms to help clients design, build, and launch their robo-investor services.


Money Movement

Leverage secure and reliable money management features that offer both seamless deposits and withdrawals. Kunai works with clients to build and integrate money movement mechanisms that comply with all relevant regulations, including but not limited to, PCI DSS and FCRA.


Risk Management

Kunai also offers a risk assessment questionnaire tailored to your customer demographic. These questions determine a customer’s level of risk aversion that then informs our personalized portfolio creation algorithms. This way, our clients can offer some of the best performing robo-portfolio managers on the market.


API Integrations

Kunai’s expertise in all things financial and banking has equipped us with a deep expertise of some of the top platforms and technologies on the market. Whatever objectives our clients have, we have the most optimal combination of technologies to build their vision. Our expertise includes Plaid, BillGo, Apex, Alpaca, Stripe, and more.


Educational Resources

Improve financial literacy across your customer base to improve financial wellness, promote healthy risk aversion, and increase general willingness to buy. Customers who understand the importance of wealth generation are in turn more likely to invest using the services and features that we build for our clients.


Budget Management

We help our clients build and deploy features that track the user’s spending and income to identify where spending is most disproportionate, then course correct through positive reinforcement. Budget management helps customers ensure that customers have enough money to meet their financial goals.

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