Product Manager (Client)

Kunai is a fast-growing digital agency of 120+ people specializing in fintech. Ours is a fully remote team driven by innovation and experimentation, spread across almost every single continent. Over the past decade, we've shipped over 150 products for clients that include Visa, the United Nations, Wells Fargo, Ernst & Young, and TOMS Shoes. Our founders built a previous agency (Monsoon) that was acquired by Capital One in 2015. ***This is NOT a position with Kunai - This is a full-time position with a Kunai client, a growing and profitable finTech company headquartered in Tempe, Arizona and focused on integrating newer technologies with foundational banking tech***
Product Management
Job Type
Full-Time (On-Site)
Tempe, AZ (mostly in-person)
Kunai Clients
You will:
  • Research and evaluate competitors’ products and roadmaps to ensure we are at the forefront of our industry
  • Interview clients and vendors to determine needs and objectives when determining the product roadmap
  • Exhibit the ability to question customers to determine the scenario and real needs vs. those features which are not critical to their success
  • Evaluate how well the product could service these goals and what elements are contributing or detracting factors to product adoption and success.
  • Uncover opportunities and build roadmaps to better realize the business and customer goals intended for the product.
  • Help our customers understand how to test and pilot the solution to identify success criteria and defects
  • Contribute to the technical documentation for our products, working with marketing to write blogs, training & support on troubleshooting guides, developing on architectures, and sales playbooks, etc.
  • Help develop our growth targets for each product and build plans to support how we plan to hit these targets
  • Proactively diagnose problems that are inhibiting growth, identify solutions, and build cases for why / how we should invest in solving - this will include research for market and opportunity sizing
  • Support growth strategy recommendations with vital data, research, and/or experimentation, proactively ensuring these strategies are grounded in thoughtful and strategically relevant insights and/or metrics based on strategic goals
  • Collaborate with vital teams to operationalize and implement recommendations across product, tech, and marketing.
  • Work with the executive team to analyze results, develop recommendations for continued optimization, and communicate these findings to continuously refine our strategy as we scale
  • Help others to manage the emotional impact of change
  • Embrace change and propose more effective ways of working
  • Establish an easy, intuitive means for using our products and services
  • You have:
  • 2-3 years of PM experience
  • Experience with digital (software) product(s)

  • Ideally, you also have:
  • Minimum 2 year degree
  • PMI Certification
  • Benefits

    We Remote

    Kunai is a fully remote company. If you have the skills, you can live and work anywhere you'd like.

    Flexible Hours & Vacation Time

    We expect a level of personal responsibility and leave you to figure out what suits you and your team.

    Learning and Development

    Kunai understands that constant learning is the only way to stay on top of your craft.

    Health, Dental, Vision

    Kunai provides full benefits and our plans offer a range of options.

    Maternal and Paternal Leave

    For our growing Kunai family!

    Career Coaching

    We want to help you reach your professional goals.