Senior Machine Learning Engineer (Client)

Kunai is a fast-growing digital agency of 120+ people specializing in fintech. Ours is a fully remote team driven by innovation and experimentation, spread across almost every single continent. Over the past decade, we've shipped over 150 products for clients that include Visa, the United Nations, Wells Fargo, Ernst & Young, and TOMS Shoes. Our founders built a previous agency (Monsoon) that was acquired by Capital One in 2015. This is NOT a position with Kunai. This is a full-time position with a Kunai client. (referred to as client X below) "Client X is a venture-backed, fully remote, and purpose-driven FinTech startup committed to changing the lives of Americans that are behind on their bills. What makes Client X unique is that our platform offers solutions when individuals have no other option. Our goal is to make financial wellness accessible through education and to provide banking tools for 99% of the population. Because we see credit card debt as the most overwhelming and fastest-growing type of debt, we decided to tackle it first at no charge. The current system in place for people that are behind on their bills is antiquated and unfair. Making the process psychologically and physiologically taxing for any person. Debt comes in many shapes, sizes, and forms. We understand that everybody has a different financial situation and because of that, Client X is building solutions tailored to each individual, as we grow and scale. Providing people with the information to achieve financial wellness while destigmatizing debt is what we are passionate about. Life is more than just paying your bills. Through collective bargaining, Client X seeks to change the way people overcome financial troubles in the form of debt. By helping Americans eliminate their debt, we can empower them to create educated financial choices and build the means to achieve their dreams."
Job Type
Full-Time (Remote)
United States (Remote)
Kunai Clients
  • 4+ years of machine learning product development experience and have a deep understanding of the best practices for ML systems
  • 6+ years of industry experience in software engineering roles and development experience in Python, SQL, Go, and/or other programming languages
  • Ability to architect data pipelines using tools like Apache Beam or Spark
  • You have experience with creating best practices for data organization-wide
  • A track record of providing mentorship and technical leadership
  • Ability to build APIs and libraries for Java, Scala, or Python
  • Concern for agile software processes, data-driven development, reliability, and responsible experimentation
  • Up to date on the latest publications in the machine learning community
  • Skilled communication and a proven record of leading work across disciplines
  • Experience with data processing and storage frameworks like Google Cloud Dataflow, Hadoop, Scalding, Spark, Storm, Cassandra, Kafka, etc
  • Experience with developing insights and models using unstructured data (like clickstreams), experience with search and recommendation systems (learn-to-rank, collaborative filtering, NLP for search, etc.), scaling Computer Vision models
  • Strong understanding of software engineering, system design, data engineering, and/or cloud architecture
  • Knowledge in at least one of the following areas - Bayesian methods, Econometrics, Reinforcement learning, Gradient boosting machine, Natural language processing, Computer vision, etc
  • Be motivated, self-driven in a fast-paced environment with a proven track record demonstrating impact across several teams and/or organizations
  • Ability to communicate and collaborate effectively with business stakeholders and manage tasks in a timely manner
  • Work collaboratively with other engineers to understand business priorities and architect solutions to machine learning challenges
  • Experience in DevOps, MLOps, and SRE is a massive plus
  • Experience with AWS amplify and lambda is a plus
  • Experience of Kubernetes, Kubeflow, TFX, and Feature Store in a production environment is a plus
  • A graduate degree in Computer Science, AI, ML, Applied Math, Stats, Physics, or a related technical field is a plus
  • Responsibilities
  • Design and build MLOps systems, including data pipelines and production-level machine learning (ML) infrastructure, using tools such as Kubeflow Pipelines, Apache Beam, TensorFlow, Kubernetes, TFX
  • Leverage your experience to drive best practices in ML systems and data engineering
  • Bring ML research from Notebooks to production
  • Deploy ML models under the constraints of scalability, correctness, and maintainability, with hardware acceleration techniques
  • Optimize and give feedback to research-level models to bring them to production level
  • Collaborate with cross-functional agile teams of machine learning engineers, video engineers, data engineers, and others, in building machine learning infrastructure that best supports the ML needs at Client X
  • You will work closely with your cross-functional team to build new features and solve novel problems across the spectrum of software engineering, data visualization, and science
  • You will be working with our engineering and product teams to design, build and productize proprietary machine learning models to solve different business challenges including smart bidding, lookalike modeling, forecasting, and etc
  • Collaborate closely with product managers and other engineers to understand business priorities, frame machine learning problems, architect machine learning solutions
  • Build and productize machine learning models including data preparation/processing pipelines, machine learning orchestrations, improvements of services performance and reliability and etc
  • Contribute and maintain the high quality of code base with tests that provide a high level of functional coverage as well as non-functional aspects with load testing, unit testing, integration testing, etc
  • Keep track of emerging tech and trends, research the state-of-art deep learning models, prototype new modeling ideas, and conduct offline and online experiments
  • Through your work, you will empower Client X to personalize customers’ search and discovery experiences using AI/ML, to better understand our customers’ personal finance journey, and help identify and execute on new opportunities for product improvement
  • Share your knowledge by giving tech talks and evangelizing appropriate tech and engineering best practices
  • Benefits
  • Competitive salary and stock options (Equity for this position is ~ .226%)
  • Medical, Vision and Dental Insurance
  • 401 (k) with generous match
  • Flexible and Remote work structure
  • Computer Provided
  • WFH Stipend
  • Wellness Reimbursement
  • Unlimited PTO
  • Unlimited Sick Time
  • +More to come soon!
  • Pay Range of Base Salary: $172,000/yr - $214,000/yr
  • Benefits

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    Kunai is a fully remote company. If you have the skills, you can live and work anywhere you'd like.

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    Kunai understands that constant learning is the only way to stay on top of your craft.

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