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John Anderson, Junior Project Manager and Recovering Fisherman

What I Do

I’m the hands-on support for our engineering teams, translating client visions into technical documentation and breaking down one-off features into building blocks they can work with.

Delivery | Project Management

Recent Projects

Backstage at AEG, the show starts with getting people to adopt new digital tools. Their WalkMe application understands how people want to engage, and we help shape how it grows. So I guess you could say I draft the feature tickets that sell more concert tickets.

How I Work

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, I was going into the office about twice a week. I think the flexibility feels more human. At home, I take small breaks, cook, and get outside. It’s one thing to have people going into the office every day sometimes pretending to work. You get a totally different result when you give people the privilege to work from home. It’s amazing to watch our teams come together and deliver something cohesive from a relatively unstructured environment.

My Product Stack


It’s the backbone of my work life and personal projects.


I use it to check models and code for our applications.


It’s great for taking notes and outsourcing my mind’s organization, whether that’s documenting and sharing my own personal knowledge or communicating with teams.

Mind Node

When I'm brainstorming an idea or a way to work around a problem, it helps me to quickly create mind maps. It’s great to have something non-linear, almost like you’re writing out loud. I can really branch out and jot down multiple different ideas from one core thought.


Awesome, bare-bones way of keeping all my browser tabs in order.

Apple Notes

I've got text edit files all over my desktop. They’re great for jotting things down, adding screenshots and gifs.


Gifox makes it easy to create and edit gifs on the fly so I can show bugs or explain new features to an engineer.

One Password

For keeping my hundreds of passwords safe.

When I’m not working

I write music on my laptop whenever I can. I also try to spend most of my time outdoors and stay as active as possible.

I was an Uber driver and a commercial fisherman before Kunai, so I’m always excited about building new skills, even if they’re completely unrelated to previous jobs and interests. It’s all about seizing an opportunity when it presents itself.

What’s in my backpack?

I have this Journal that my brother gave me and it helps me structure my goals and how you plan to achieve them one quarter at a time. I have a series of long-term goals I want to complete by the end of the year and then it goes into a month-by-month and week-by-week breakdown of how to execute.

I also use the daily section to organize my brain on a daily basis, and these great sections where I can reflect on what I’m grateful for in the morning, what lessons I learned, what winds I had that day.

Then, I’ve got my headphones, laptop charger, sometimes my personal laptop and hard drive in case inspiration hits.