Kunai Assists Nubank in Swiftly Migrating Banking Systems to Native Mobile Platforms Under Tight Deadlines

What is Nubank?


Nubank is a Brazilian neobank, the largest fintech bank in Latin America, and the most valuable digital neobank on the NYSE. Headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil, Nubank offers a range of financial products and services through its mobile app and website. It has operations in Brazil, Mexico and Columbia with over 50 million customers.

The Challenge

Nubank provides numerous services such as digital accounts, credit cards, loans, and investment options to its customers. As one of the most valuable digital neobanks in the world, Nubank represents a new and innovative approach to banking that aims to provide convenient and affordable financial services to customers by leveraging highly relevant, powerful digital channels.

In 2022, Nubank sought to expand into the Mexican market to capitalize on a market where more than half the people did not have savings accounts. Nubank desired to rollout completely digital savings accounts with no minimum balance to incentivize a largely rural population to enter Nubank’s ecosystem, and therefore decided to leverage the widespread use of mobile devices.

But while working with a tight timeline, Nubank sought to enlist third party assistance.

The Solution

Rather than build entirely new software from the ground up, Nubank opted to instead migrate existing systems and screens to Google’s Flutter, an open source framework for native mobile apps and cross-platform development.

In Q3 2022, Nubank engaged with Kunai’s development PODs to build flutter applications and migrate existing screens for the Mexico rollout.

The Process

The project started in September 2022 with five flutter engineers to work on migrations for both Nubank’s growth and fraud teams. The requirements were fluid and dependent on the needs of the teams, but thanks to Kunai’s nimble developers, project needs were swiftly addressed as they came up.

The Result

Kunai’s dev team consisting of five flutter developers, an iOS developer, and a product manager successfully worked though multiple growth and fraud workflows to help Nubank complete their migration by the end of 2022.