Leveraging an all-in-one API for stock and crypto investing to build, launch, and scale your next trading platform.

Developer-Focused API Platform Designed to Make Buying, Selling, and Managing Investments Accessible

Platform Offerings


Stock & ETF Trading

At its core, Alpaca operates its platforms with the idea that trading stocks and ETFs can be facilitated without commissions or fees. This allows us to help clients build customer-centric trading platforms with attractive benefits and increased accessibility.


Trading APIs

Part of Alpaca’s suite of APIs is a collection of highly flexible Broker APIs that allows us to build customizable, end-to-end trading software. By utilizing Alpaca’s algorithmic trading features, we help clients build and execute on custom trading strategies that can be tailored to specific demographics and their needs.


Portfolio Management

Alpaca provides tools for creating and managing a diversified investment portfolio. These tools enable us to build portfolio features that support ETFs and stocks, portfolio management features, and order execution processing functionality.


Paper Trading

Alpaca offers a simulated trading environment where users can practice their trading strategies without risking real money. This feature helps customers learn and better understand markets and strategies while also driving their satisfaction.


Investment Accounts

Alpaca offers brokerage accounts for individuals and institutions, including taxable and retirement accounts. With the support of their robust arsenal of trading and portfolio management tools, users make better-informed, more effective investment decisions.


Market Data

Alpaca provides real-time market data, news, and research to help users inform investment decisions and conduct research. Our teams have also used Alpaca’s market data capabilities to build on top of Alpaca’s existing algorithmic trading strategies in order to expand on functionality and efficacy.



Alpaca offers its clients the opportunity to invest in a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other major digital assets. Alpaca also offers features such as automatic rebalancing and tax optimization, is designed to be user-friendly, and is accessible to a wide range of investors, from seasoned professionals to those just starting out.

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