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Platform Offerings


Trading Platform

Apex provides a trading platform that enables institutional clients to trade across all major asset classes and also provides post trade processing services. This platform can be seamlessly integrated, built, or customized by Kunai to best serve your business agenda.


Apex | Pro: Clearing and Settlement

We help our clients maneuver through Apex’s suite of purpose-built clearing and custody API to design, build, and launch effective solutions that can help increase profit margins. Apex offers sophisticated and cost-effective transaction clearing with flexible pricing structures.


Market Data

Gaining actionable insights from data can be challenging without the proper tools to identify and extract them. Apex provides real-time market data and research that helps clients identify, extract, and package insights. We help clients build robust data intelligence systems that deliver actionable insights.


Trading Algorithms

Apex offers a suite of algorithmic trading tools and strategies that we use to build high-frequency trading algorithms and custom trading solutions for our clients. With our expertise in the financial industry, we deliver cutting edge algorithms that extract, and package insights to gain a competitive advantage.


Risk Management

Apex provides comprehensive risk management tools and services to help clients manage risk and optimize returns. We work closely with your compliance and development teams to codify and train compliance and security policies, ensuring long term success.



Apex provides multi-asset class connectivity to global exchanges and market centers, enabling clients to access liquidity from multiple sources. This global connectivity allows us to implement a granular design philosophy to your platforms that maximize efficiency and performance.


Money Movement

Apex’s money movement capabilities include wires, ACH, Paypal, transfers, and more. Money Movement lies at the core of Apex’s functionality and supports recurring deposits. We also work with your teams to build custom banking integrations for affiliates or partners.


Portfolio APIs

Apex’s portfolio APIs allow us to build portfolio features that support multiple asset classes, portfolio management features, and order execution processing functionality. We work closely with you and your teams to design and develop an effective portfolio management feature to your exact specifications.


Apex | Crypto

Apex’s turnkey platform offers integrated cryptocurrency investing functionalities. From crypto wallets to trading, staking, and NFTs– Apex provides a variety of functions that we utilize to help clients pick, choose, and build a competitive crypto solution.

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