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Take Advantage of Google’s Comprehensive Cloud Capabilities to Launch Smart Solutions Driven By Robust Data Analytics

Platform Offerings



Scale without data bottlenecks using on-demand cloud infrastructure such as servers, storage, and networking to flexibly adapt to changing business needs. Kunai works with clients to design and deploy the right infrastructure to target current needs and future growth.



Out of the box services and tools for building, testing, deploying, hosting, and managing applications. Kunai builds development environments with baked-in functionality to help clients focus on developing applications and services without sinking resources into operational maintenance.


Cloud AI Platform

Enhance functionality across your apps with integrated AI tools. We help our clients build intelligent solutions with Cloud AI’s included features like Natural Language Processing and Fraud Detection, or build and train custom AI models using Cloud AI’s data preparation and model training tools.


Cloud SQL

Cloud SQL allows for the deployment and running of fully-managed relational databases without having to manage servers or storage. Kunai can integrate Cloud SQL databases with Google’s AI services to enable clients to train AI models, run complex queries, and make data-driven decisions.


Compute Engine

Compute Engine provides organizations with scalable and on-demand VMs running on Google's infrastructure. Kunai fully customizes the application environment to optimize performance and scalability for your apps and services.


Cloud TPU

We use Cloud TPU to help clients enhance their AI capabilities. Cloud TPU provides high performance computing units for running large-scale and complex models, speeding up model training, and making it possible for organizations to quickly process and analyze large amounts of data for AI-powered applications.


Cloud Storage

Google provides scalable, fully managed, and highly available object storage solutions for unstructured data like videos, images, audio files, backups, and more. Cloud Storage is highly reliable, supported by a comprehensive security framework that meets and exceeds compliance requirements.


Kubernetes Engine

Automate the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. Kunai can build highly portable, self-contained apps while the Kubernetes Engine automatically scales, updates, and load balances the deployment so you can run your apps worry-free at scale, across multiple systems.


Cloud VPN

Cloud VPN enables customers to securely connect their on-premise infrastructure to Google's cloud platform. We add Cloud VPN to clients’ Google Cloud ecosystems to create a secure, encrypted connection that allows them to securely access and manage their cloud resources from anywhere in the world.



BigQuery is a fast, fully managed, serverless data warehousing solution for data ranging from terabytes to petabytes in size. We work closely with our clients to understand every facet of their business to launch an optimized data warehousing solution that effectively leverages their data.


App Engine

App Engine enables us to develop and host your web applications, fast. With built-in automatic scaling, high availability, and robust security features– reliability is all but guaranteed. App Engine also integrates with other GCP services for extended functionality and ecosystem reach.

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