Customize fully functional payment solutions out of the box with an expert team of fintech and banking veterans.

Easily Create New Revenue Streams and Engaging Customer Touch points With Customized Payment Card Solutions

Platform Offerings


Credit & Debit Cards

Marqeta works on your behalf with card networks and issuing banks to issue cards, authorize transactions, and communicate with settlement entities. Kunai works with clients to design and launch their own branded payment cards with all the supporting software and core functions to match.



Quickly and easily launch financial products and services without investing in inhouse infrastructure. Kunai works with Marqeta’s BaaS platform to take care of underlying banking and regulatory compliance so clients can focus on creating innovative financial products and services for their customers.


Card Management

Marqeta comes with baked-in card management tools to handle issuance, activation, usage, and deactivation of credit, debit, and prepaid cards for individuals or businesses. Kunai helps clients customize integrations with POS systems, card readers, and security protocols.


Digital Wallets

Digital wallets are gaining fast traction in today’s economy and are a feature in high demand. Many customers prefer to add their credit cards to a digital wallet, condensing all of their payment options into one, convenient nexus. Kunai helps clients launch a secure digital wallet, fast.


Prepaid Accounts

Popular with corporate travel, prepaid accounts are a great way to set limits on spending for your employees while tracking their purchases with ease. Drastically reduces reporting requirements and administrative fees with a prepaid account platform tailored to your needs.


Dynamic Spend Controls

Marqeta’s features ship with tools that allow organizations to monitor and control spending for individual card accounts, departments, or the entire organization. Kunai works with Marqeta to customize policies and tools to fit them to your specific business requirements.


Just-In-Time Funding

Marqeta allows organizations to access funds exactly when they are required, rather than having to hold large amounts of funds in reserve. Minimize idle funds, reduce costs, and increase efficiency in cash management and financial operations.


Money Movement

Marqeta’s money movement capabilities are integrated with its card management and payment processing capabilities to provide a seamless and secure experience. Customers may make purchases, pay bills, and access cash through ATMs.


Virtual Cards

Allowing users to make payments online without having to worry about fraud. Marqeta's virtual card is a type of digital payment card that is created and managed through Marqeta's platform. Kunai helps clients create a custom suite of virtual cards to match their specific needs.

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