A powerful financial data API platform partnered with one of its foremost expert integration partners.

Reliably Connect To Thousands Of Financial Institutions For Secure and Easy Access To Financial Data

Platform Offerings


Ironclad Security

Plaid’s API platform boasts baked-in robust and watertight security measures. All data is transmitted over secure SSL connections and both Kunai and Plaid follow strict security protocols to ensure the safety of financial information.


Versatile Integrations

Plaid takes care of integration headaches for you so you can invest more into designing your product. Plaid is designed to easily integrate with other systems, making it a straightforward process for Kunai to add financial data access to your apps.


Data Depth Control

The depth of Plaid’s access to data is completely up to you. Plaid can be utilized for simple, surface-level features such as deposits or for more comprehensive monitoring purposes like transaction monitoring for customizing customer-facing features.


Validation and Authentication

Kunai builds supporting systems to ensure identity and documentation are properly filtered. Our systems can verify 16,000 types of PII documents, connect to your payroll or scan pay stubs to verify income and W2, and authenticate users without them sharing login credentials.


Flexible Scalability

Scale what you need, when you need. Kunai leverages Plaid’s cloud-based infrastructure to scale individual components on a need-basis. We also build auto-scaling, load balancing, caching, and asynchronous processing features to offset and quickly process traffic spikes.


Compliance Out Of The Box

Plaid comes compliant with PCI DSS and SOC 2 Type 2 for data security and privacy and GLBA and Dodd-Frank for financial. Kunai works closely with their in-house compliance team to monitor and keep track of changes in financial regulations and security standards.

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