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Platform Offerings

Sales Cloud

Manage leads, opportunities, accounts, and contacts with real-time dashboards and reporting. Sales Cloud is highly customizable and scalable, allowing businesses to track their progress, prioritize tasks, and make data-driven decisions. Kunai helps clients tailor Sales Cloud to their specific needs.

Commerce Cloud

Integrate all of your sales channels and view your customer’s journey from one place to create, manage and grow your online sales channels. Kunai helps clients customize and extend the functionality of their commerce platforms by utilizing Commerce Cloud’s API.

Service Cloud

Improve customer satisfaction, reduce resolution times, and increase productivity by automating repetitive tasks. Service Cloud provides a unified platform for customer support, service case management, and self-service portals customized by Kunai for your needs.

Financial Services Cloud

Modernize your tech stack and improve customer engagement to offer personalized financial services. Our team helps clients create customized dashboards and reports, real-time data analytics systems, and robust security and compliance tools to drive customer satisfaction.

Marketing Cloud

Arm your marketing team with deeper insights into customer preferences to deliver more profitable experiences across all touchpoints. Marketing Cloud ships with email marketing, lead management, sms messaging, and social media management capabilities.

Field Service Cloud

Leverage an all-in-one platform for scheduling, dispatching, and managing field service technicians to improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Partner with Kunai to utilize Field Service Cloud to automate field service logistics and administration.

Account Engagement (Pardot)

Automate your entire B2B marketing funnel. From initial touchpoint to back-end conversions, Kunai helps clients set up and make the most of Pardot to attract, engage, and close prospects. Manage the entire lifecycle of a lead from the convenience of one screen.

Experience Cloud

Improve customer engagement by leveraging marketing automation, customer insights, and customer journey mapping. Kunai’s expert consulting team helps clients gain a deeper understanding of their customers to deliver highly relevant experiences at every touchpoint.

Revenue Cloud

Streamline revenue operations and drive growth through effective internal collaboration and data-driven decision making. We can help you integrate with other Salesforce products to better capture sales performance management, forecasting, and pipeline management.


Designed to help financial institutions streamline operations and automate loan origination, account management, and compliance reporting– we help clients integrate NCino into their systems to better manage customers, loans, and finances in a secure and efficient manner.

Chatbots (Einstein Bots)

Salesforce’s Einstein chatbots automate customer service tasks via machine learning algorithms to direct human resources toward complex issues. Our team helps clients customize Einstein to address client needs, from automating faq’s to fielding customer feedback.


Vlocity provides out-of-the-box solutions for common pain points across health and finance, among other industries. We help clients integrate Vlocity’s pre-built flows and processes to more effectively address customer needs and increase operational efficiency.

Health Cloud

Improve patient care and reduce admin workloads for care teams by automating operational tasks. Kunai integrates Health Cloud into existing healthcare systems to provide the most up-to-date patient health records, medications, treatments, and insurance information.

CRM Analytics (Tableau CRM)

Simplify data and make it easier for your teams to explore and analyze data from Salesforce to make informed decisions that improve customer experiences and drive business growth. Kunai offers customized dashboards, reports, and visualizations to help identify trends.

App Cloud

Salesforce provides a drag-and-drop platform to build and launch custom applications that meet your unique needs. Kunai can help your organization build custom applications to extend the functionality of their Salesforce instance.

Community Cloud

Build and manage a community of customers, partners, and employees. Community Cloud provides a secure, exclusive community that supports customer engagement and mutual collaboration. We custom build platform features, unique templates, and UI UX design to help clients build engaging and effective communities.

Analytics Cloud (Einstein Analytics)

Leverage AI and natural language processing to provide users with recommendations that can drive business decisions and improve customer engagement. Let kunai customize your Analytics Cloud environment to tailor ad-hoc analysis tools and share insights with stakeholders through collaboration tools.

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