All-in-one data warehousing and cloud computing customized for your enterprise needs by highly skilled experts.

Effortless Scalability with Snowflake: Custom Enterprise Data Solutions

Platform Offerings


Cloud-built Data Warehousing

Faster, cheaper, and more reliable data storage than on-premise hardware. Snowflake’s data solutions also boast nearly zero maintenance costs and while also being optimized to your usage patterns for improved performance during complex business analytics.


Seamless Data Sharing

Seamlessly share data across systems, platforms, and locations without any friction. Kunai helps clients eliminate competing queries and improve response times by customizing department-specific virtual clusters with the added benefit of robust backups.


Multi-Cloud Support

Snowflake integrates smoothly into other clouds to leverage the best of different platforms. If you need to integrate a new platform or extend functionality on an old one, Kunai works with Snowflake to provide customers with flexibility, agility, and the ability to avoid vendor lock-in.


Zero Management

Snowflake requires minimal maintenance. Other similar platforms require regular maintenance to clean up vacuums, distribution keys, compression schemes, and other operational necessities. Snowflake, takes care of all of the under-the-hood tasks for you.


Secure Data Sharing

Data with Snowflake is safe from natural disasters and cyber threats. Thanks to Snowflake’s ability to replicate client data across zones, recoverability is ensured at no additional cost. Snowflake also adheres to modern cybersecurity best practices.


Scalability and Performance

Snowflake’s elastic cloud solution separates compute and storage, so using Snowflake solutions proposed by Kunai can solve slow queries and establish faster processes to integrate existing on-premises systems like mainframes, ERPs, and CRMs.


Flexible Billing

Kunai highly recommends the Snowflake platform for its “pay for what you use” model. Unlike on-premise solutions that require constant investment or up-front server costs based on estimated usage, Snowflake only charges for what you use.

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