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Leverage Unit’s Quick-Integration API to Embed Powerful Financial Features Into Your Products

Platform Offerings

Fully-featured Banking

Unit is one of the easiest ways to offer ready-to-use financial features that would otherwise require significant investment to set-up. Unit provides a wide variety of different banking services such as accounts, cards, payments, and lending integrations as well as simplified compliance and bank partnerships.

Card Services

Card creation is one of the leading features that Unit provides. Customers may create business accounts, individual accounts, or even joint accounts across numerous card types from charge cards, physical cards, debit cards, and virtual cards. Unit will even manage disputes and compliance for any card type.


Unit supports multiple types of payments: ACH Payments, Direct Deposit, ATM Deposit, Checking Deposit, Checkout, Instant funding, Same-Day ACH, Wire Transfers, and more. In addition to these supported payments, Unit also allows payment integrations with other third-party services such as Plaid, Argyle, Checkout.com, and Allpoint.

Compliance & Security

Unit’s feature set ship with compliance as and regulations in mind. Unit boasts a streamlined compliance onboarding process so you can focus on designing, building, and launching your product. We work with our clients to further supplement their compliance and security needs.

Ready-Made Application Forms

Eliminate the need to build your own application forms. We give you the option to onboard your customers with branded applications optimized for responsiveness and compliance. Kunai helps clients customize these forms for their specific business needs.


Deliver custom branded monthly statements to your customers without spending time and resources on design and compliance. Our white-label statements can be delivered to your customers via web portal or pdf file.

Endless Accounts

Part of Unit’s banking features, endless accounts allow users to make any number of transactions without limit. These accounts provide greater flexibility and control for consumers and businesses, who can make as many transactions as needed without having to worry about exceeding account limits or incurring penalties.

Debit Cards

Through Unit’s bank partners, businesses can quickly issue debit cards that can be used to make purchases or withdraw cash. We help clients integrate Unit and supplemental features into their pre-existing systems to provide real-time reconciliation and reporting, making it easier for businesses to manage their finances.

Charge Cards

Charge cards give users and businesses a flexible way to pay for purchases without having to worry about preset spending limits. Unit provides real-time transaction notifications, secure payment technology, and rewards programs.

Customer Branded Cards

Unit gives organizations the option to launch payment cards adorned with unique branding and accompanied by a suite of custom features. Such cards can drive customer retention and promote your brand. Unit deploys compliance-ready cards through their partnered banks and payment networks.

Flexible Rewards

Like most of Unit’s features, organizations may choose to design and launch a customized rewards program to attract new users. Kunai works together with Unit to help clients build a variety of benefits and perks into their rewards such as points, miles, or cashback for every purchase made using the branded card.

Programmatic Authorization

Kunai helps clients define the rules and conditions for transaction approvals and denials, based on factors such as transaction amount, location, or merchant category. This feature ensures that branded cards are used in a secure and controlled manner, while still providing the flexibility and convenience of card-based payments.

Mobile Wallets Ready

Unit’s features come equipped with highly secure virtual wallet capabilities out of the box. End customers may add their Unit cards to a digital wallet of their choosing within seconds from your app. We work with you to customize additional features such as the ability to track spending, set budgets, and receive rewards and incentives.

ATM Access

Unit’s robust partnerships with banks and payment processors gives customers access to thousands of ATMs worldwide. Unit cards may be used at ATMs that are part of the Visa, Plus, Interlink, Accel, or Allpoint networks. Allpoint ATMs fee-free for customers, allowing organizations to gain a competitive edge.

ACH Payments

Unit gives their user access to ACH payments that offer a less expensive, highly secure method to make and receive payments. ACH payments are often used for payroll direct deposits, automatic bill payments, and government benefits payments. We help clients build a reliable portal feature-complete with security measures and compliance.


Unit’s banking features also include wire transfers. Wire transfers allow for the quick and secure transfer of funds directly from one bank account to another, though they are known to incur large fees.

Check Deposits

Unit’s built-in check deposit feature allows users to deposit checks to their Unit account by uploading images of the front and back of the check. We work with clients to optimize the check deposit image capture using specific client side SDK for iOS, Android, and mobile web.

Card Transfers

We help clients integrate card-to-card money transfer capabilities into their systems with Unit’s card transfer API. This allows customers to send and receive money from within your software.

International Payments

Unit supports international payments through their partnership with Currencycloud. With easy access to cross-border and multi-currency payments, Unit ensures wide coverage for you and your customers.

Early Payment Access

Enables organizations to provide customers with funds based on an expected deposit. Early Payment requires you to provide the funds with a pre-funded account. Kunai works with you and your teams to minimize risks by implementing robust security and anti-fraud measures.

Bill Pay

Bill pay allows customers to locate and pay their bills to thousands of different billers. This feature requires careful compliance preparation before it can be enabled, something that we are more than ready to help clients with.

Programmable Decisioning

Our expert teams work with you to design and deploy an algorithm to automate the decision-making process across your banking and financial products. Our goal is to streamline operations, reduce manual intervention, minimize the risk of errors, meet regulatory requirements, and deliver better customer outcomes.


Factoring helps organizations capitalize on new revenue streams by programmatically capturing repayment when your customer gets paid. We work with you to design a factoring product that is optimized to your specific audience, maximizes your revenue, and takes into account your future scalability.

Automatic Repayment

Unit provides convenient plug-and-play functionality that enables organizations to provide an auto-pay feature across your apps. We work with our clients to build out supporting features using Unit’s API such as different payment plans and payment options tailored to the individual.

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