Create Inclusive Experiences For All With Accessibility Services

Service image for Accessibility Audits &  Remediation

Identifying Accessibility Weaknesses

We work with you to carefully go through your existing software to simulate the customer journey. Doing so allows us to better understand the difficulties a user may experience with your software. We then develop a checklist of flaws, weaknesses, and potential violations against WCAG and ADA regulations and best practice.

Creating Accessible UI & UX

Our UI and UX engineers work with you to better understand your front-end tech stack. From there, we devise a plan to create, modify, or integrate new interface elements that are easy to navigate and understand. Such elements may include text size, color contrast, keyboard navigation, and alternative text for images.

Creating Accessible Features

Our engineers work with your teams to gain a better understanding of your back-end frameworks, databases, and more to develop and integrate new features compatible with assistive technologies. Such technologies include screen readers and keyboard navigable elements like buttons, links, and form fields.