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Employer of Record

Source your team and have Kunai employ them.

Our employer-of-record service allows clients to de-risk their business while ensuring that talent gets attention and care from our dedicated team.

Kunai manages the employment relationship end-to-end, and we can streamline the hiring and onboarding process so that it takes days rather than weeks. We handle payroll, benefits, compliance, and exceptional talent care.

Kunai also offers Agent of Record Services for Independent Contractors (ICs) and Corp to Corp Services for Subcontractors.


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Engage Talent without Direct Employment

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Offload H1B & Immigration Responsibilities

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Address Surge Requirements / Special Projects

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Reduce Organizational Risk

How it Works

Employ through Kunai

Onboard faster

Plan with clarity

Kunai becomes the employer of record, offering competitive benefits agency-level talent care.
Kunai handles hiring requirements, onboarding, and W-2s so that talent can start in days.
Set timelines and KPIs that you can count on.

Our Vision

Talented people do their best work when they are valued and can work in a way that suits their lifestyle.  Kunai strives to create work environments that enable our people to do the best work of their lives.

Kunai is building a global network of elite talent and ambitious clients. Work with us, and may millions of ideas bloom!

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