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Our technology and consulting services are tailored to help you deal with the greatest HR challenge of our lifetimes.

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Workforce Solutions

As companies create Back-to-Work Plans, we can help you build your solution.
Use cases for teams: Construction Teams, Warehouse Teams, Municipal Workers, Offices, Retail Environments, Education Campuses, Etc...

Protect Your Team

  • Social Distance Alarm App - Promote safe social distancing for your team via mobile app. Warehouse, Healthcare, Construction, Municipal Workers, etc...
  • Contact Tracing - Automated Notifications to your team if a team member gets sick. Centralized Admin Dashboards and a privacy first architecture.
  • Integrated Beacons- Teams with mixed devices across Android and iOS, and other devices can be augmented with beacons.
  • Integration with existing employee apps
  • Use Geofencing to limit tracing to work locations only.
  • Hotspot Identification for your workplace to improve safe working conditions.

Protect Your Customers

  • Social Distance Alarm App - Social Distancing App to promote safety for your customers. I.E. Retail app for grocery customer
  • Social Distance or Contact Tracing Integration with existing customer apps and programs (I.E. Rewards)
  • Deploy Beacons for teams with devices on Android and iOS or for to customer warehouse or retail applications for a "new normal".
  • Geofencing with for location specific distance alarming or contact tracing.

Social Distance Alarm App

Helps working teams and families maintain social distance. Use this app to alert you when other users of Social Distance Alarm are too close.

Everyone’s device must have the app downloaded. The app must be turned on for detection to work. Detection will run unless paused. While paused, the app will not detect other devices or be able to be detected.


Social Distancing Alarm is an application that uses BLE to detects the proximity of other handsets and devices that have the app on, and alarms users.

Distance Detection

Users are notified when another user is close. We support 4 ranges of distance notification with vibration and sound.

Safe Teams

Allows users to join a team of people they have chosen to not be socially distanced from. Notifications from team members are muted.

Live Alerts

Real Time Alerts show users when other app user devices are detected.


A history of distance alerts received is stored on the device.

Pause Detection

Users can turn off detection in app when not in use.

Bluetooth Low Energy

Social Distance Alarm uses Bluetooth Low Energy to securely emit and detect other application users, while keeping user identities private and secure. Our app works to optimize battery life while using BLE.

  • Device Id's are anonymous
  • All data is stored on your device
  • Uses Fixed Bluetooth ID


  • iOS is almost complete. Contact us for a link to test.
  • Set your Social Distance - High risk users can set their social distance 'radius' to be more sensitive than the CDC recommended 6 feet, and be notified of 'Too Close' app users sooner.
  • Location History - Allow users to see the location and map of where a Social Distant alert/contact happened. This data only stored locally (on their handset).

We are a team of product developers. We wanted to help, so we did what we know how to do best: we built a product.

Open Source

Kunai Engineers are contributors of our BLE Code to Open Source projects for contact tracing and social distancing efforts in response to Covid-19 , such as MIT SafePaths project, and Coronatrace. Open Trace is our Open Source Project. Our app respects TCN Coalition's approach to a privacy first solution. OpenTrace is open source. The code is free for anyone to use at GitHub.

The Kunai Team is available to help you with planning and implementation of the app, and helping you to build your own version using our code as a foundation.

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Our Story

We are Kunai. We're a team of product managers, engineers, and designers. We're rock climbers, artists, and surfers. We're New Yorkers, Ukrainians, and San Franciscans.

We have led innovation for large financial institutions for over a decade. If you are ready to roll your sleeves up and build the future, let's talk.

Our Beliefs

1. Technology is about people

Our processes are tailored to making sure that developers get ramped up quickly and smoothly so that you can start building.

(This is why Capital One acquired part of our agency in 2015.)

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4. Small is better

We accelerate digital transformation with a small, scrappy global team that knows how to get to work.

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We are actively seeking to work with companies and organizations and governments to address preventable exposure of COVID-19 for your teams.

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