Hire the best fintech talent on the planet.

Kunai works with the world's top financial institutions. We've been doing it for twenty years. Let's build the future of finance together.

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Hire World-Class Fintech Talent

Kunai is a talent network dedicated exclusively to the financial services industry. We help our clients build teams quickly and efficiently. Our product managers, designers, and developers have the technical chops and the fintech experience to hit the ground running right away.

Hire Talent

Assemble an elite team

Kunai can build you the world-class team you need. Our people have experience with established institutions and breakthrough startups. Let's get to work.

Reinforcements are on the way.

Due to the coronavirus, 94% of Fortune 1000 companies are experiencing supply chain disruptions. Most organizations don't have the talent they need to innovate and execute on digital transformation projects. We can reinforce you to execute from anywhere in the world.

Design Experiences

CX/UX can go a long way to increasing revenues and optimize processes. Our design team gets you ahead of the critical cultural shifts the best products are moving towards.

Project Momentum

We onboard teams with our tested remote processes and drive project velocity. From tooling to management practices, we understand what makes remote collaboration successful.

Engineering Excellence

We build the products your business needs. We take on in flight projects or start from scratch. Our engineers are battle-tested; none of our competitors can touch our client list.

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