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Profile: Andrii Gorishnii

Andrii Gorishnii, Software Engineer & Resident Iron Man


What I Do

Before building anything, I lay out a development plan for success — from an assessment of requirements to stack recommendations. Once everyone is aligned, I get my hands dirty and execute on whatever is required to deliver the best product to our clients.  


Recent Projects

In the process of refactoring and redesigning an aging iOS app, I introduced a new underlying programming framework that would help our client scale over time, all while adding the desired features and skins. 

How I Work

In my time at Kunai, I’ve done it all: worked on-site, traveled internationally, and set up remotely from a different timezone (Ukraine). Each client and each project allows for a different lifestyle and I’ve done my best to adjust to their needs. 

When I’m in Ukraine, I might start working at 2pm, have a break around 5pm, continue working until 11pm. I love having quiet hours to code during the day and then take the calls when I overlap with my team and clients later in the day.

For me, it all comes down to freedom, and I truly believe remote work results in my best work because it allows me to develop autonomously as a person and as an engineer. 

My Remote Stack


In one way or another, Slack resembles each aspect of the office communication: from emoji reactions to chats and threads, to pinned documents, votes, and reminders.

Daily Standup 

Standup keeps us all accountable and aligned so we can keep rolling on our work. You can’t underestimate the importance of daily communication among remote teams.

Atlassian’s Jira + Confluence 

I mostly use Confluence as structured storage for the documentation and manuals of my builds. It's also a great place to track the history of decision making and engage in collaboration. 

CI/CD Tools 

These tools aren’t for every project but when they’re in use, CI/CD tools are like having a cardiac monitor on your patient while you’re doing the surgery.


I could never count the amount of hours that this tool saved on passing specs from designer to engineer.


This is my go to option when working from coffee shops and other public WiFi spots.


On projects where information sensitivity is high, you can’t unsee the importance of cyber hygiene. I use this for keeping and sharing all sensitive info, both at work and at home. 

Momentum Dash

Every time I open a new tab, this Chrome extension shares peace of mind and inspiration with me.

Google Translate Chrome extension

I like to use English everywhere so a little help when you are stuck with a new word is always appreciated. Best thing about this extension is that you just need to select the word and make one click to see the translation.

Grammarly Chrome extension 

This tool recently became useful when I need an extra pair of eyes on text cleanliness. Even the free version provides a lot of value.

When I’m not working

Triathlons recently became a very important part of my life. It’s a 3 sports in one: swimming, cycling and running, each a test of endurance. I completed a full IronMan in Italy in 2019 and am currently training for the next full IronMan in Spain (2020). I also did a couple of marathons, half marathons and half Iron Mans in between.

There are so many parallels between endurance triathlons and real life. You can’t succeed without putting in the work every day. It’s not the race day that makes you but all the days before. I must say the real endurance test is not the 10 to 12 hours on race day but to keep training over a year. Long triathlons make you start thinking long-term, value continued work and a disciplined approach. 

What’s in my backpack?

  • Big 20000 mAh power bank
Smaller bag with 
  • Cords of all types
  • Couple usb chargers
  • SD card reader
  • USB flash 16GB
  • SD card
  • SIM card removal tool
  • Corded headphones
  • Pen
  • External HDD for less often accessible info
  • Laptop with charger
  • Wireless headset
  • Additional wallet/cardholder
  • Eyedrops
  • Regular glasses

Books that have mattered to me 

There are many good ones but I’d like to share the top of my top.

Antifragility by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

There is so much value in this book. It gives you a framework with which making decisions will become easier and decisions themselves will be more effective. Author defines an antifragile system as one that not only can sustain from impact and harsh conditions but can actually benefit from it. He provides evolution as one of examples of antifragile. But there is so much more in the book.

Principles by Ray Dalio

For me this book was a big help in letting rational thought take over emotion when it’s really needed. Since I’ve read it, I have seen good changes in my life. 

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

A guy who’s by now dead from brain cancer gives everyone the wisdom from his own perspective. The words I will never forget are: “No matter how bad things are, you can always make things worse.” These words have already saved me a couple of times and I’m sure will save me in future too. Thank you, Randy.

Podcasts I’m listening to…

The thing with podcasts for me is that I don’t listen to any of them regularly. Just because there is not enough free time for my ears to be occupied with. I mix podcasts and audiobooks. However I’d highlight following podcasts I’m subscribed to:

“Tim Ferriss Show” and “Joe Rogan Experience” - if there is a guest or topic I’m interested in, I will definitely listen, because I know the quality of show that these guys make will be unquestionable.

“The Garyvee Audio Experience” - Gary is the guy whose voice is nice to have in your life, just to have someone constantly remind you how your actions and so called values are not aligned with your aspirations and life goals.

“Team Oxygen Addict” - Triathlon podcast, where you can listen to interviews with remarkable people in the triathlon world. I often use this podcast as source of news for my own posts in social networks (yes, media market arbitrage!)

“Crushing IRON podcast” - another podcast about long triathlon, lots of useful and practical information. Pure value for athletes!