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Profile: Youhee Choi

Youhee Choi, Product Manager, Impact Creator  


What I Do

I start by identifying what’s going to make a project successful—what’s its objective, what my clients want to see, and what are moonshot opportunities. Then, I dig in with stakeholders and lay the groundwork for getting from where we are to where we want to be.

Recent Projects

In a landscape where devices outnumber people, I’m helping AAA create next-generation home security and maintenance services centered around the people that will use them. My teams are building mobile and web tools that create synergy with daily use. 

When a leading insurance company looked to modernize its customer service tools, I helped untangle more than 15 different software components, phase out legacy tech, and led teams in creating an integrated solution where every part of the CX journey worked better together. 

How it got done > > 

How I Work

My main outpost in Oakland puts me within reach of clients all over the Bay Area, from San Ramon to Redwood City. I adjust across time zones and lifestyles when I’m back in Korea, where I’m from, or visiting my sister in France. I feel welcome to be myself anywhere with this company.

Thanks to all this flexibility, I’m able to pursue my passion of social impact and staying connected with the community. Within my teams, I aspire to share the same sense of belonging and connectedness I feel. Some may think remote may also mean more distant work relationships. Not for me. I set aside time with my colleagues regularly to catch up. Even remote happy hours! 

My Remote Stack


I start & end my day with Slack. This lets me communicate efficiently with my team members. Project channels, semi channels and integrations make my work more efficient. Except for our pet photos channel—that just lightens up my day! 

Jira & Confluence

This collaboration tool gives my team one source of truth for project progress. 

Google Suite/Team Drives

Google Hangouts is a must for my work—to talk with my remote team and clients. The rest of the suite keeps each project organized and all relevant documents, images and assets are in one place.

Zeplin / InVision 

Most projects have Requirement gathering - UI/UX - Development - QA process. These tools bridge the gap between design and build—and design and product development. I love the look of surprise when my clients first see this tool. 

Chrome extensions - Grammarly, Full Page Screen Capture, Google Arts & Culture

I work on Chrome a lot. So I use a lot of extensions for different purposes. Like Google Arts & Culture: it gives me different art every day for my Chrome life. Amazing. 

Grammarly Chrome extension 

This tool recently became useful when I need an extra pair of eyes on text cleanliness. Even the free version provides a lot of value.

When I’m not working

I love music and dance! I was doing modern dance and cardio hip-hop until a client got me into Zumba. I love all kinds of music, EDM, you name it—I am a huge music nerd. 

I survived the Amazon jungle in Peru, and also loved my time in Israel and Cuba. Next on my list is Ukraine. I can’t wait to see my colleagues in flesh! ;) 

Remote work allows me to set aside time for volunteering. Next up, I’ll be spending some time with Oakland Promise. So excited! 

What’s in my backpack?

  • Laptop / charger
  • Weekly scheduler 
  • Notepad 
  • Pencil case (yes, I love still having a pencil case with different pens, highlighters and pencils) 
  • Headphones 
  • Snacks