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We connect financial innovators with the talent they need to execute on digital transformation projects. Whether it’s within the United States or anywhere in the world.


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Build your elite team

Build your elite team

Kunai specializes in finding the right people for the job. From gradually beefing up capacity to iterate on or maintain a Scala or .NET product, deploying a dozen Android engineers in the blink of an eye to bootstrapping a new product with a next generation fintech stack, Kunai can get it done. We have 20 years of experience finding the right people to deliver results for everyone from the world's top financial institutions to the Fortune 100 to breakthrough startups. Make your next team a Kunai team.

Software architects, mobile & web developers, full stack, back end, data and dev ops engineers who know their domains inside out.
From UI/UX to illustration and animation, designers who create experiences that bring mobile and online experiences to life.
Product Manager
Product Manager
Data-driven digital product managers who know how to deliver results with complex and interconnected organisations.
Project Manager
Project Manager
Seasoned project managers, Agile coaches and scrum masters with the drive and intuition to get critical projects across the finish line.

Work with the Top 1% of Financial Industry Talent 

Tell us your needs and and get instant access to to Kunai’s network of top talent for your most important projects.

Financial Institutions are Facing a Historic Challenge.

Engage top talent. Triple velocity. Eliminate hiring headache.

Kunai can help. We have been serving the financial industry for more than a decade. Our team is composed of former VPs from places like Capital One and American Express. We are likely already working with your company, and most importantly, we are exceptionally fast at sourcing the talent you need.

They're happy. And so are we.

“Kunai has been a fantastic partner during an aggressive hiring surge in my organization. The team initially worked hard to deeply understand our unique hiring needs and delivered high quality candidates to extend our organization quickly with experienced, talented and highly professional engineers. We couldn’t be happier with the partnership and the results Kunai has produced.”

Denis Brennan, Capital One

“I trusted Kunai with getting a team in place to release important security features for our mobile banking experience. They were quick to get onboarded, worked seamlessly inside our team, and importantly, continue to drive results in other areas as well.” 

Vice President, Wells Fargo

“The thing that has impressed us most about Kunai is the quality of candidates that they present on day one. We have significantly reduced the number of resumes we need to review and interviews that we need to conduct. ”

Managing Vice President, American Express