Financial Institutions are Facing a Historic Challenge.

It has never been harder to hire software developers. Hundreds of critical products are ready to go. They just need qualified engineers.

Kunai can help. We have been serving the financial industry for more than a decade. Our team is composed of former VPs from places like Capital One and American Express. We are likely already working with your company, and most importantly, we are exceptionally fast at sourcing the talent you need.

Trusted by the most successful financial institutions in the world.

Get the best of Kunai on your team

The Kunai talent network makes it possible for technical teams to scale rapidly and reliably.

The best of the best gravitate towards Kunai because they share our bias towards action and our passion for solving complex problems in an iterative, inclusive and collaborative environment.

Build your elite team

Kunai specializes in finding the right people for the job. From gradually beefing up capacity to iterate on or maintain a Scala or .NET product, deploying a dozen Android engineers in the blink of an eye to bootstrapping a new product with a next generation fintech stack, Kunai can get it done. We have 20 years of experience finding the right people to deliver results for everyone from the world's top financial institutions to the Fortune 100 to breakthrough startups. Make your next team a Kunai team.

Software architects, mobile & web developers, full stack, back end, data and dev ops engineers who know their domains inside out.
From UI/UX to illustration and animation, designers who create experiences that bring mobile and online experiences to life.
Product Manager
Data-driven digital product managers who know how to deliver results with complex and interconnected organisations.
Project Manager
Seasoned project managers, Agile coaches and scrum masters with the drive and intuition to get critical projects across the finish line.

Reinforcements are on the way.

Due to the coronavirus, 94% of Fortune 1000 companies are experiencing supply chain disruptions. Most organizations don't have the talent they need to innovate and execute on digital transformation projects. We can inject the talent you need from within the United States or anywhere in the world.

1 Your Needs

Tell us what you are looking for. We will recommend Kunai Talent for you to interview and evaluate. Looking for a unique set of skills? We've been there, and will launch a hiring process to find exactly what you need.

2 Onboarding

Once you have selected your talent and they accept the placement, we onboard them to your team for the duration of your project. Kunai talent always remain on our payroll and continue to enjoy the same benefits as other Kunai staff.

3 Completion

When your assignment is complete, Kunai talent comes back to us to start their next project. Because nothing in technology is written in stone, assignments can be altered or extended to adapt to the pace and needs of your team.