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Ep: 15 Chad Arroyo, Labs as a Service Head of North America at Mastercard


Episode Outline

[01:12] Chad’s background

[03:34] Getting into startups

[05:23] Getting into Fintech

[06:23] Platform-based vs coin cryptocurrency

[07:47] Shifting from crypto to corporate

[10:05] LaunchPad

[11:14] The drive towards platform

[14:41] Chad’s team successes

[17:50] Overcoming hurdles

[20:35] Shaping user engagement

[26:16] Looking forward

[27:37] API to platform

[29:57] How does decentralization play a role with LaaS?

[32:57] MasterCard partnering with Bahamas Sand Dollar

[34:53] Digital assets

[35:59] Shameless plug for Mastercard

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