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Episode 2: Bob Petrie, Entrepreneur In Residence with Citi Ventures

Episode Outline

[00:42] Bob’s background

[03:02] Bob’s learning experience at Citi Ventures

[06:08] The speed of innovation in a start-up versus in a large organization

[09:59] Creating the structure of the pitch

[13:13] A success story

[17:17] When it goes from being a Citi issue to being an industry issue

[20:26] Citi’s competition

[25:07] D10X and the Venture Investing Team

[26:30] Designed Thinking

[28:42] The hurdles Bob faces with B2B versus B2C

[32:07] JTBD (Jobs To Be Done), and Bob’s different approach to Agile

[35:47] “Think Big and Act Small”

[38:01] Busting the myths of the innovation program

[40:04] How are they approaching Covid and a post-Covid world?

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