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Episode 3: Mark Jamison of Visa, Global Head of Innovation

Episode Outline

[01:05] Mark’s background

[02:08] Maxmiles, Inc.

[04:15] The technical challenges in 1999

[06:49] Launching a FinTech now vs in the 90s

[09:43] The most effective role for a corporate labs division

[11:34] Mark’s ideation process

[14:13] What sets apart an executive for labs as opposed to other managerial positions?

[16:58] The metrics and intangibles

[20:47] Collaboration and working remotely during the pandemic

[23:45] The most significant changes to visa in the coming years due to cryptocurrency

[28:00] How Mark’s diverse education background has helped his business

[31:00] How music has inspired him and what role it has played in the way he thinks about innovation

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