Kunai's Vision

Finance is no longer an institution. It’s an experience, and it’s everywhere.

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Finance is being Redefined.

Finance is no longer an institution. It’s an experience, and it’s everywhere. The fintech revolution is breaking down financial services into their component parts, using APIs as building blocks, and assembling product companies and services that compete directly with legacy financial services. And they have one distinct advantage: an almost myopic obsession with the customer experience.

The fintech revolution is happening across every vertical, from loans and banking to payments and insurance. Meanwhile, customers of legacy banks get the same monolithic experience that doesn’t change whether they are superprime or subprime, urban or rural, traditional or gig worker. To meet the future of finance, legacy companies will have to shift their focus and build experiences that puts their customers' needs first.

Consider the rise of buy-now-pay-later services like Affirm. Customers aren’t shopping around for the best rate. They take the loan because Affirm makes it so easy and grabs their attention at the right moment to increase purchase intention. Design and CX are the new finance products.

In the rapidly changing fintech space, it’s also important to build with the future in mind. By building on top of the fintech infrastructure APIs, firms can get to market quickly and find product-market fit. A platform that allows for the infrastructure services to be swapped in and out as corporate and customer needs change over time means they can also be built to be future-proof. 

With the number of new products and services, identity has become a thornier issue as customers have moved from single to multiple financial relationships. Keeping this identity intact across apps and services is important for a great onboarding experience in addition to providing data insights and nudges that offer customers personalized recommendations. An experience that nudges a customer to save 5% of their paycheck versus a saving account that offers .05% APR are the distinctions between the financial product of today versus yesterday.

The fintech revolution has only started and there is incredible opportunity for firms that put their customers first and own the digital experience. The winners will be the ones to respond quickly in this rapidly changing environment and are capable of building for the future.

Kunai Can Help You:

  1. Leverage the best income verification tools in the world.
  2. Use functional redundancy to manage reliability.
  3. Implement solutions for specific contexts or goals such as cost reduction.

Keys to Our Approach


Intermediary layers and wrappers that reduce dependence on one solution.


Quick implementations to test functionality and reliability.


Integration of functionally redundant APIs to maximize coverage, minimize costs, and ensure liability.


Scaled solutions that maximize security, reliability, and control.

Kunai builds routing layers that enable lending institutions to leverage multiple APIs seamlessly. We build custom routing layers and API wrappers that enable you to test and implement best-in-breed APIs. Schedule a demo, and we'll show you what we've accomplished for some of the top institutions in the world.

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Sometimes, the best solution is a combination of solutions.

"Thanks for taking my call. Can you recommend the best income-verification service on the market?"

"Well, that depends..."

Are we talking about costs? Speed? Employer coverage? Bank authorization? The bottom line is that no single income verification solution works well for every situation.

Kunai builds custom routing layers that empower financial institutions to leverage a combination of income-verification services. By implementing a combined layer, your institution can prioritize different services based on a custom mix of priorities, regardless of whether that mix includes coverage, speed, hit rate, cost reduction, or compliance issues.

Open Banking Begins at Home

In 2002, Jeff Bezos sent a memo to his entire company, demanding that every single internal team expose its data and functionality through an API. Things have gone quite well for Amazon since then. Read Kunai CEO Sandeep Kumar Sood's perspective on why banks need to adopt the same policies in order to succeed during the next decade.

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