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Protecting Sensitive Data while Saving $30M

Secure Data Platform | Cloud Computing | DevSecOps Strategy | Workflow Automation | Machine Learning

Project Overview

One of the largest tax firms in the world was losing tens of millions on data operations every year. They had seen too many data breach incidents as a result of poor security and compliance. To protect their business and their customers’ data they needed a secure cloud-based system that would enable collaboration without sacrificing security or governance requirements.


Kunai delivered a secure data platform in the cloud with end to end encryption, data normalization and machine learning transformation capabilities. The data is then used in an application for Tax professionals to monitor and report tax and earnings information throughout the year. Kunai partnered with them not only to design, architect, build and launch these solutions, but to build, hire and train new teams to maintain, operate, and enhance the product. Kunai built a best in class security architecture and encryption methods eliminating the risk for a data breach of client company's earnings and financial information. Our team deployed a cloud environment, actualizing an operational savings of $30M per year. Lastly, we coupled powerful data transformation with specialty machine learning models trained to read tax documents eliminating the possibility of negligently reporting misinformation.