Over 150 digital products shipped. (but who's counting?)

We take napkin sketches and build products that get deployed at scale. This is why both the Fortune 500 and unicorn startups trust Kunai. If you have an idea and need a team that is ready to start building, let's schedule a conversation.

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What we believe

The best way to refine your idea? Start building.

Save the $100,000 you were about to spend on a fancy consulting deck and use it to start executing on your vision. Prototype, build, test, and repeat.

Great teams build great products.

Kunai chooses its people carefully. Our team is our secret sauce.

Digital transformation is a marathon of short sprints.

You can't transform a long-standing system overnight. We work nimbly, within the constraints of existing systems, to help you make consistent progress.

Large organizations can innovate.

Our team has worked on both sides of the corporate firewall for a couple of decades. And we're not jaded. In fact, we're only getting started. Let's build.

What did you ship this week?

If your agency doesn't have a clear answer to this question, you should find a new agency.

Remote, in-person, on a plane, on a train.

Great teams don't waste too much time thinking about 'ideal work environments'. They just roll their sleeves up and get to work.

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